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No matter how many pieces we have to offer you—sometimes you just have an idea for a custom designed piece of jewelry; and nothing else will do. We understand that and want to do everything to bring your ideas to life—right down to the smallest detail.

Design an engagement ring that is uniquely yours

We can actually custom design any engagement ring you want. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we’ll create it for you to perfection. Your ideas will result in a masterpiece that will always be original—because you designed it.

You may be surprised to learn that creating that custom-made jewelry item doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, we take your budget into consideration during the initial design process.

Working with Diamond and Gold Warehouse is the best way to make sure that your dream engagement ring, or any other jewelry item, will be one-of-a-kind and become more precious as the years go by. Ask us to tell you more!

1. Show Us Your Inspiration Photos
With your inspiration pictures we are able to show you engagement ring options that match your style. This gives us a better understanding on what you’re hoping to achieve in your dream ring. When choosing inspiration, you can pick out details from various styles. Maybe you like the band from one ring, and the halo design from another. With our expertise, we will combine the styles that will best showcase your center stone.

Select from our variety of loose diamonds and build your ring around it
2. Choose A Loose Diamond

This is the most important step of the process, as the center stone takes up the majority of your budget. As we mentioned before, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your Diamond Education before your appointment. This will give you the confidence you need to make a smart investment.

If you forgot to brush up on your education, not to worry! Our Diamond Jeweler will thoroughly walk you through all the factors that give a diamond its value.

design engagement ring - custom engagement rings
3. Browse Settings and Styles
Viewing our inventory in-store helps to make an important design decision. Sometimes a design you’ve been eyeing online doesn’t feel quite right when it’s on your finger. During this time you’ll be able to see what designs you gravitate towards. We understand this step isn’t applicable to everyone, as we have many out-of-town customers. You can always browse our website for current inventory.

Unique engagement rings just waiting for your selection from our loose diamonds
4. Know The Details

By this step it’s important you wrap up the finishing details. Know her ring size, as this can factor into the final cost. You also want to make sure the ring slides on smoothly for a flawless proposal execution. Once you’ve chosen the perfect setting and center stone, be sure to discuss what metal type will look best ( White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum, etc.). A simple color choice can make a huge difference on the final product.

5. Create 3D Render
Now that the important design decisions are made and the center stone is chosen, we create a virtual 3D render of the ring design. This will give you a better understanding on how the final ring details will come together. If there are any changes you need to make, this is the first opportunity to do so.

Custom rings begin with a wax mold6. Wax Is Casted
The 3D Render is now turned into a wax casting. During this time you’re able to physically hold the design in your hand and carefully go over all the design details you made. This is the last opportunity you’ll have to make any last minute changes to the engagement ring.

Engagement ring semi mount7. Receive Polish Casting
Now that all the details are approved, we create the final casting in the chosen metal. When the casting is made, the metal is not yet polished and the stones are not yet set. Your gorgeous engagement ring is now ready to head to the jewelers bench!

Your unique design will be polished by our expert bench jewelers8. In-House Jewelry Hand Set’s Ring
This is the part when all the pieces come together. Your center stone is properly hand set into the polished casting by our highly trained and experienced jewelers. Using their expertise, we craft a stunning piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time. Once all the details are finally set, you can finally pick up your ring!

best unique engagement rings in Texas9. Off to your Proposal!

We’ve made it to the most exciting step! Now that you’ve got a gorgeous ring in your hands, it’s finally time to propose! Be sure to keep your precious ring in a safe space until the big day. This is a moment most women dream of, so make sure you have all the details set!

If you have a unique proposal, we would love to hear your story! Share with us what you experienced on the big day, and let us know how she loves the ring!

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